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We are excited to announce that we were commissioned by Hull 2017 UK City of Culture as part of their opening event, Made In Hull.

Made in Hull was a complete success which exceeded the expectations of everyone involved with over 350,000 people attending and 100,000 on the last night alone. 

The landmark event used large-scale projection on buildings, illuminated skylines, soundscapes, shop windows and live performance to celebrate the last 70 years of life in the city.

It was curated by Hull born documentary filmmaker and Bafta nominee, Sean McAllister and features local, national and international artists. Each artist examined a topic related to the city’s history and has created an installation that audience can explore as a trail throughout the city.

We spoke to young people from Hull about their experiences of employment, unemployment and the benefits system. (In)Dignity of Labour features their stories, the movement stylings of Lucy Starkey and Hull native Jon Beney. Original soundtrack composed by our long time collaborator Dan Hayes and features local Hull music hero, Jody McKenna.