makeAMPLIFY is award-winning dance artist Jennifer Irons and international Audio Visual artist Zach Walker.

Working together and with a wide range of people around the world, they create site-specific installations and interactive live performances that engage, challenge and surprise.

Using art, movement and digital technology they reveal the hidden, the ignored, the discarded and the forgotten to inspire people and create meaningful experiences for audiences, clients and participants alike.

The company offers promoters five distinct areas of work:

  1. Site Specific Installations w/interactive performances in non theatrical spaces.
  2. Digital Installations for foyers, shopping centres, inside and outside of structures and buildings video mapped to fit architecture.
  3. A range of participatory projects including community based projects working with a diverse range of participants over extended time periods or short intense periods of time, dance and film projects, film/editing and video mapping technology workshops.
  4. Commercial/Advertising promotional events, branding, site specific installations, entertainment performances
  5. Visualizing Vibrations SculptureĀ as an interactive art installation, a live vj performance, workshops or presentations.

As well as these options being available as individual activities the company also offers a unique mulit- modal Event approach, which combines all or some of the above elements to create a tailored package of dance and digital works.